Having a Look at Casino Lisboa in Portugal

Casino Lisboa, located in Portugal, is a hotel and casino combination establishment. It has accommodation of varying luxury for guests, as well as a fully operational casino on the premises. What makes the hotel stand apart from other venues is the addition of a dedicated art gallery. Few casino and hotel venues can make similar boasts, putting this particular establishment in a class of its own. The website for this hotel does not support online booking, but does provide contact details that allow for a direct line of communication to hotel customer support.

On Location Shows and Entertainment

There are two live event venues at the Casino Lisboa, namely the Oceans Auditorium and the Arena Lounge. Live shows, generally cabaret, are held in the Oceans Auditorium and changed on a regular basis. Live bands and music can be found in the Arena Lounge, where guests may also enjoy a drink while shows are not in progress. To learn which shows are currently being performed, simply visit the appropriate page on the casino website.

On Location Casino Games

Casino Lisboa has a fully operational casino on the premises, offering classic table games such as blackjack and roulette, as well as less mainstream games such as baccarat and Macau. Poker, among the most popular casino games at the hotel, has an entire dedicated section of the casino. For those into slot machines, like variety at, a modern range is available, featuring the latest additions from around the world. Be sure to keep in mind that the slot machine games at this venue work on an electronic card system, with no real money changing hands on the casino floor.

Responsible Gambling

The Casino Lisboa is a licensed gambling facility and supports responsible gambling. The on location casino services, and all gambling bars, abide by standard rules and regulations. Note that underage gambling is strictly forbidden in the casino, and that all steps will be taken to prevent illegal gambling in all its forms from occurring at the venue.

Art Gallery

The establishment features an art gallery on the premises, which showcases exhibits by local artists. The gallery is open to guests of the hotel, who may browse the exhibits at their leisure, and may even get the opportunity to speak to the artist in person.

When a new exhibit opens it is generally reason for the hotel to hold a celebratory function, which draws visitors from far and wide and often has the hotel rooms full to capacity. To learn more about the art gallery, see which exhibition is currently showing, and what future exhibitions are planned, please visit the appropriate page on the website. The hotel also has a dedicated newsletter, which may be subscribed to, which provides relevant information on the hotel and its art gallery.

Gambling Bars

Many venues will not allow drinks on the casino floor, but Casino Lisboa has broken this tradition by offering gambling bars to all guests. When visiting the three casino bars on the premises, guests may enjoy a drink while participating in one of the offered games, never again having to abandon a hand to refresh a beverage.