Online Play’n Go Slot Kaffe BAR-BAR-BAR’en – Overview & Review

The title of this slot game paints a rather convincing picture of a classic online slot game with a coffee theme to it. As the bars in Kaffe BAR-BAR-BAR’en signify, this is a classic interpretation of a slot, with the notable symbols employed ones similar to those that have graced some of the more memorable classic slot machines.

Despite this classic styled approach the theme of coffee and restaurants is still evident on the reels, and through the graphics, symbols and more this theme is perpetuated quite decently in this Play’n Go slot game.

This slot is definitely for those players focused primarily on the gameplay involved, and want to play the reels and any bonuses thereon as the central role in the game at hand. This is because Kaffe BAR-BAR-BAR’en has just 3 reels and only 5 pay lines, a simple setup compared with the more exciting online slots available today.

There are selections of betting options involved as well as a more dedicated pay table with a good range of symbols available to win through. Even the bonus features in this slot game are setup with the reels in mind, and include the likes of Wilds with multipliers and Scatter symbols to navigate the limited number of reels more lucratively.

A Cup of Coffee with Theme Design

The theme is in fact set to what seems to be a barista or two ready to serve up some of the most popular hot drinks of all time. The graphics that support the creation of this theme are, in relative terms given the graphics offered by other online slots available today, not all too great, with a sense of older slot machine throwback given the classic style already perpetuated across the reels. These factors, alongside the small set of reels and therefore large backdrop, still make the theme on the reels a part of the experience but with a more waning inclination towards it and as a result rather onto the actual game available.

This is where the symbols on the reels of this Kaffe BAR-BAR-BAR’en slot game come into the fray in a rather important capacity. The reels do not offer much room to set these symbols, with only 3 reels and at most 2 rows across, however the wins from combinations of these are attuned accordingly.

As for the specific symbols on the reels of Kaffe BAR-BAR-BAR’en, there are a few thematically connected ones like various coffees, including a delicious looking cappuccino, as well as a few character symbols, undoubtedly of the owners of this reel strewn coffee house.

The classical symbols and titular referenced ones include various bar symbols, which hold some of the more notable wins for this slot game, as is the case with many of the bingo sites have to offer.

The Coffee Bonuses in Kaffe BAR-BAR-BAR’en

This online Play’n Go slot game also comes with a few rather minimalist bonus features, aimed at simply spicing u the action on the reels. These include a high paying Wild symbol in the form of the aforementioned cappuccino symbol, which can help accrue some more formidable wins on the reels.

There is also a coffee pot Scatter which can win players multipliers on their wagers, up to a notable 25 times, which can lead to some decent wins along the way with this Kaffe BAR-BAR-BAR’en slot game.