Review of Bubbles Scratch Card Online Game

Bubbles scratch card is an online game that can be enjoyed by all players that love a good combination of traditional card games and modern entertainment. The games itself is doesn’t technically involve any scratching and instead has replaced the traditional scratch cards with 8 bright bubbles.

Appealing to everyone’s inner child, players are prompted to pop the bubbles and reveal a prize. This game can be played in browser for free, or players can download the software and choose to play for real money if they wish.

Bubbles Theme & Design

The Bubbles scratch card game comes boasting an attractive interface, with bright colours and light-hearted imagery providing for a somewhat laid back, enjoyable gameplay experience. The background is dressed in blue skies and lush green fields overspread with daisies.

Floating in these fields are bright, different coloured bubbles that players are prompted to burst with a set of pins provided. The pin button, as well as buttons to view the paytable and more, sit at the bottom of the screen, providing an easy interface for players to navigate their way around the game.

Pop to Scratch

In spite of the fact that the Bubbles scratch card game does not necessarily have any scratch cards, the developers have ensured the game still holds the traditional scratch card feel when it comes to gameplay. There are none of the original scratchable layer over the winning amounts, and instead gold coins, skulls or crossbows have been placed inside bubbles.

While there are 8 balloons, players are only given 6 pushpins to prick and pop the balloons in an attempt to collect 3 of the gold coins to reveal a possible prize. Depending on the casino, players can play Bubbles scratch card games with multiple options in currency and for as little as 2.00 coins. There is a possible win of 50 000 coins available for players who pop the right balloons.

Bubbles Scratch Card Gameplay

When it actually comes down to getting started with Bubbles scratch cards, the game is relatively relaxed and easy to understand. Players that choose to play the game for real money begin with purchasing a scratch card for as little as 2 coins. Players may also change their bets according to the colour pin they choose, with red, yellow and green pins available.

Players are then required to prick 6 of the 8 bubbles they see in front of them in order to get 3 gold coins and reveal a bonus. Players may also select the auto pick button, where the computer will choose for them and ultimately make gameplay exceptionally simple.

Bubble Scratch Card Pays

The most a player can possibly win in a Bubbles scratch card game is 50 000 coins, with different betting options provided and found in the paytable, which can be accessed by clicking the paytable button below at the bottom of the screen.

The paytable is based on 1 000 000 rounds and when studied can benefit a player’s gameplay and possible outcome. Essentially though, the Bubbles scratch card game is developed using technology that can provide a random number generator, so players are still really engaging in a game of chance.