Score a Hat-trick with Football Betting

Football is a group of team sports that involves, in different degrees, kicking a ball with a foot in order to score a goal. The word football is generally understood to describe all different forms of football. The most popular game in the world is association football, also known as soccer in some countries, but there is American Football, Australian rules football, and rugby football, either rugby league or rugby union.

The origins of football can be traced back in history to the popular peasant games which have been played in Europe for centuries. The various forms of football played at English public schools during the nineteenth century also had a marked influence on the different forms of football, and it was these schools that were the first to put together some of the rules of football. It was here, for instance, that the offside rule was first devised.  Also, a pupil at Rugby School, William Webb Ellis, is credited as being the first football player to pick up the ball in his arms and run with it, this creating the distinctive feature of the game of rugby football.

The Expanse of Football Worldwide

The expanse of the British Empire allowed these rules to spread to all British controlled areas, and by the end of the nineteenth century there were distinct codes developing in various regions. There was a form of football called Gaelic football, which deliberately included some of the traditional rules of the local games. The first Football League was also formed in England about that time, which formed the first of many professional football competitions. During the twentieth century several of the various forms of football became extremely popular, with association football becoming the best loved and most closely followed of all team sports in the world.

Rules Adopted for Soccer

By the late 1850s, many football clubs had been formed throughout the English speaking world. Sheffield Football Club was formed in 1857, and was later recognised as the world’s oldest association football club. By the late 1870s Sheffield had been responsible for the introduction of free kicks, corner kicks, throw ins and the crossbar to the goal. The adoption of a common code, for all regions of England took place in 1877.

Every Country Plays Football

Every country in the world has a national soccer, or football, team that invokes passionate support from the inhabitants. This form of football is a punter’s dream, because somewhere in the world a football match is being played, and wagering among supporters at NZ betting sites is a favourite occupation. This volume and availability of opportunities for betting makes football the ideal sport for placing wagers on the match. There are many different bets you can place, you can bet on the final score, the half time score, the goal difference, and even when in the match and by whom, the goals will be scored. People who are knowledgeable about the history of their team, the physical form of the players and even the coach of the team, will find betting on soccer (football) rewarding.

Globally, association football is played by over 250 million players, in over two hundred countries, and this sport has the highest television audience in sport today. In American Football, the Super Bowl is the most watched sporting final in the USA, and Australian rules football has the highest spectator attendance of all sports in Australia. Football, whatever form of the game is played, is the most successful sport in history.