Countries That Top The Online Gambling List

It is a multibillion-dollar industry that is constantly growing. Online gambling has sky rocketed over the past few years and its popularity can be seen throughout the world when we look at the revenue figures. In fact, in some places the amount spent on online gambling almost over shadows the amount that is spent in land-based casinos. With all of the perks of online gambling, this is no wonder.

Globally, it is interesting to see which countries spend the most on online gambling. This is of course easily done, as a simple survey based on the location information given on online casinos, can calculate which online gamblers, situated where in the world, is spending what amount of money. This does not mean that your data isn’t safe. An online casino can simply give figure totals, per country and spending to a survey without giving out any personal information.

Top of the list, using this information, is a great island that we call Great Britain. About a third of the population of the kingdom are online gamblers. This brought in a revenue of over 15 billion pounds in one year alone. Online gambling has been the biggest source of gambling revenue in The UK providing about 38.8% of the gambling revenue.

From One Island to the Next

It would appear that the second most successful online gambling country is another island. Besides for being another island, the two also share a queen. That’s right, our second biggest online gambling country is none other than Australia.

Not only is the land down under known for its enormous amount of money spent on online gambling, but it is also known for the people that loose the biggest amount of money on gambling. When a country is about 40 percent desert, the inhabitants are bound to find indoor entertainment and luckily for the online gambling industry, it is it.

Land of Maple Syrup and Ice Hockey

Back to the northern hemisphere our third most online gambling community resides in the land of the most beautiful scenery, Canada. It is rather ironic that this is also a country that falls under the regime of British Monarchy.

About 75 percent of the Canadian population takes part in some form of online gambling.  All the Queens women and all the Queens men certainly know how to have a jolly good time entertaining themselves.

Our Next Stop is the East

Finally, outside of British rule we are travelling to China. Our fourth runner for the world’s largest online gambling community is also the country with the largest wall on the planet. While their online gambling cannot be seen from the space, it is probably so popular in China due to the fact that, other than for in Macau, land-based gambling is illegal. Online gambling is however acceptable and many people in China enjoy the luxury and comfort of online gambling.

Online gambling is a big deal throughout the world, but these four countries takes their online gaming activities to the next level. However, the rest of the world isn’t that far behind them.