3 Card Poker Introduced Online to Players

3 Card poker, also known as tri-card poker is a very popular table game and can be found in almost every casino.  3 Card poker online is loads of fun and is a fast game with great odds and the house advantage is quite low.

3 Card poker offers two games in one.  Players may choose to play ante/play or pair plus or players can choose to make a wager on both.  Players will play against the dealer when choosing ante/play and the one with the highest hand will win and when playing pair plus the player will bet on whether they will be dealt a better hand.  Depending on which casino players choose to play at, they may be required to first make an ante bet so that they can bet on the pair plus.

When playing 3 card poker, players can expect to find three betting circles at their seats and the top circle is pair plus and the two circles under are ante and play.  Players will need to make a bet to start the game in the one or both circles and once all the players have made their bets each one will be dealt three cards, starting with the player to the dealers left and then moving clockwise.


If a wager has been placed on ante play players will need to decide whether to play or fold once they have had a look at their cards.  The player loses if they fold, but must make another wager if they want to continue.  Once all the players have looked at their hands and have made wagers or folded, the dealer will turn over the cards and if the hand does not have a queen or higher the play will not continue.  If there is no queen or higher the players that are still in the game will each receive the same amount as their wager and the wager will be given back.

In the case where the dealers hand does not qualify, the hand is compared to the player and if the player has a higher hand they will be given even money for the ante/play wagers.  If the players hand is better than the dealers, players will be given even money, but if the dealers hand is better than the players hand, the player will lose both wagers.  An ante bonus is paid out in 3 card poker when certain wagers are made and does not mean players have to make an extra wager.  Players who have a straight flush will be given a bonus whether they beat the dealer or not.  This bonus will be based on the pay table and the schedule may differ depending on which casino players use.

Pair Plus

In 3 card poker the pair plus bet will depend on whether players have a pair or higher.  For players who have made wagers on the ante/play it will not matter if the dealer has a better hand.  If players have a pair or higher they win.  Players who do not have a pair will lose.  The pair plus bet is based on the pay table which is determined by the casino being played at.

3 Card poker is easy and fun to play and is not at all difficult as the rules are simple and there is not much strategy involved.