An Introduction to Some Online Slots Featuring Hollywood Celeberities

Hollywood is known for its glitz and glamour. The celebrities draw us in and we emulate our favourite ones. Their clothing and lifestyles have captured us and we want what they have. Another wonderful avenue of glitz and glamour is of course online slots. They too have captivated their audience, making us want more of their shine.

It is only the natural next step that our famous and beloved celebrities would then feature in our beloved online slots. What better way to enjoy online slots than to meet up with your most loved celebrities and getting nice pay-outs for doing it. Sounds like a dream come true. Let’s see which celebrities are gracing the world of online slots.

The Hostess with the Mostess – Ellen DeGeneres

The talk show queen herself, Ellen DeGeneres has landed herself in not one but two slot machines. Ellen is known for her quirky, prankster, comedic personality. Her talk show most certainly reflects just that. Like her predecessors in talk shows, she is also known for giving things away to her audience members. She might give you some cash for playing.

Now you can join Ellen as if you are on her show. This online slot offers large pay-out amounts, that is earned through slot reels that are as quirky and comedic as the talk show hostess herself. You are sure to feel even closer to Ellen, by experiencing the magic of her slot machine, that is guaranteed to entertain you for hours on end – as only Ellen can.

All the Way from the Rocky Mountains – Dolly Parton

Now there is only one celebrity that comes from the Rocky Mountains that can entertain us with her heavenly voice and extravagant looks. Singer, actress, entertainer and all-round business woman Dolly Parton has her very own slot machine. The icons on the slot machine features guitars, microphones, Dolly’s autograph and the Queen of country herself

But it gets even better. While you are playing the Dolly Parton slot, you are being entertained by the music of Dolly Parton. The slot features some of her greatest hits. And just when you though it couldn’t get any better, the slot also has a bonus feature that allows you to watch exclusive stage show scenes. This slot is just one more reason for us to always love Dolly.

Slots are a Girls Best Friend – Marilyn Monroe

No online slot experience would be complete without the queen of Hollywood. When it comes to Marilyn Monroe, everyone, not just gentlemen, prefers blondes. Her life and death have been on the lips of everyone since she graced us all. She is an icon and just like her slot machine, she will never disappear or be forgotten.

Players can be expected to be overwhelmed by all the Marilyn imagery. From famous poses, to magazine covers, her Hollywood star of fame and various other movie related images. The slot features 20 paylines, which makes it almost a given that you will be winning. Of course, spending some time with Marilyn, you are already a winner.