A Simple Guide To Online Betting New Zealand

Punters who decide to start betting online after years of clinging with grim determination to betting at the local bookmaker are often surprised at the options available to them. These options include markets, bet types, and accepted payment methods.

Online betting New Zealand makes sense in this day and age, as most punters already have computers with internet access as well as access to at least one of the payment methods accepted by most bookmakers. In fact, once new punters have started betting online, they often wonder what took them so long to do it.

Many online bookmakers that accept Kiwi punters are actually the online platforms of well-known bookmakers that have a strong presence in New Zealand, so the brands are already familiar to punters.

Online Betting Payment Methods

Online betting New Zealand is all about betting NZ$ on sports, eSports, financial, entertainment, and political markets. As real money is involved, one of the first questions new punters ask is how they can make a deposit.

Reputable bookmakers let punters decide that for themselves. They do this by accepting a range of payment methods, and punters simply need to choose the one that is most appealing or accessible.

The one payment method with which most punters are familiar is the credit card. MasterCard, Visa, and other brands are accepted by the overwhelming majority of the best desktop and mobile betting sites.

Other payment methods that may be less familiar to punters are e-wallets and prepaid cards. E-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller are secure digital wallets that punters can top up with real money once they have linked their e-wallet to their bank account.

They can then use their e-wallet to deposit money into a bookmaker account for online betting New Zealand.

Prepaid cards are obtained from vendors such as supermarkets and news agents. Punters can pay for them using cash or debit or credit cards. A code is printed on the card, and punters submit the code when making a deposit at an online bookmaker.

Betting Markets for New Zealand

The most popular of all betting New Zealand markets are sports and racing, followed closely by politics, financial markets, and entertainment or novelty markets. eSports is a market that is fast growing in popularity.

Among the sports markets are those such as Aussie Rules football, basketball, boxing, cricket, golf, motorsport, rugby, soccer, swimming, and tennis. Punters should also be able to find markets such as badminton, darts, and various winter sports.

Racing markets include thoroughbred and harness racing, as well as greyhound racing. Online bookmakers offer markets on local track events and on major international events.

Political betting New Zealand markets usually cover political elections around the world, and not just the election of the local Prime Minister.

Financial markets allow punters to bet on stock and asset movements without actually investing in those financial markets, and entertainment markets cover things such as reality TV shows.

eSports markets see punters bet on teams of gamers playing multi-player video games.

Types of Bets Online

Punters interested in online betting New Zealand can find a range of bet types available at bookmakers.

In addition to futures greyhound bets, punters can also place live bets and exotic bets. Various bet types appear in the market for each event, and punters would select the ones they want to place.

Those bets are then added to their digital bet slips, which punters can edit before confirming. If their bets win, their winnings will be paid into their online bookmaker account.